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David Cation

David Cation, Canadian, born 1965, Orangeville Ontario, is a self taught artist, known for large boldly coloured figurative paintings. His subjects depict portraits of lovers, dancers, boxers, day-glow skeletons and angels.

Davidís understanding of the human being in its rawest format brings strong emotion to anyone looking onward. Uncomfortable subjects for some, the honest struggle of humanity is no doubt felt when experiencing Davidís paintings.

Known for working and living on the edge, David can be found working with street kids to being showcased on NVTV Belfast, where his retrospective Portraits established him Internationally as a true and respected Canadian Artist.

. Davidís paintings have been widely exhibited and collected in museums and galleries in Canada the United States and Europe. In 2003 he was the only Canadian represented in the exhibit SKULLS, alongside works by Andy Warhol and Georgia O'Keefe. Recently he exhibited in the show of outsider artists entitled Touched by Fire at the Royal Ontario Museum. David continues to paint and teach at his Ottawa studio.

Contact information: d_cation2002@yahoo.ca, phone: 613 618 5414.


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www.aarondickson.com - Documentary film produced by Northern Visions Television in Belfast in 2003.